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    Active technical support via Helpdesk or by phone

  • 24h/7th

    Non-stop access to all partner materials

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    Lending hardware or software for testing

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    High-quality service and maintenance within Central Europe region

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Scanners Support


How does it work?

  • Professional support for scanner device
  • Extension of the standard warranty period for 36 months

Key benefits

  • Telephone and Helpdesk support 8/5 in Czech or English language.
  • Courier delivery of replacement equipment is already included in the price.
  • Device delivered within max. 3 working days via standard carrier.

This option of service support is suitable for small Desktop or Workgroup document scanners that process documents with high priority for further important connection to another document processing. These type of service support is often used for the receptions, helpdesks or company branches where it is important to ensure the exchange of a broken machine in a really short time.

Terms and conditions


How does it work?

  • 1 year inspection and cleaning (prophylaxis)
  • Travel expenses, Work equipment, Spare parts and 1 consumable parts per year

Key benefits

  • Telephone and help-desk support 8/5 in Czech or English language.
  • Response within 4 hours from reporting on INFOMATIC Helpdesk. Repair or delivery of scanner replacement guaranteed within next 8 working hours.

This option of service support is designed for medium and production document scanner group that works with large volumes of documents, where the main priority is to ensure the functionality and reliability of the device to avoid failure in the capture process. If you have any special requirements on the service support, it is always possible to add these requirements in the agreement.

Terms and conditions

Partnership - More than box moving experience

We have 15 years of experience selling scanners, our own service and distribution network within our partner zone. Therefore, partnership does not mean just passing on the product for resale, but we see it as an opportunity to join forces and bring benefits to all stakeholders. You can choose both the hardware and software offerings of our products.

…and how about you? How about cooperation working together?

More about Partnership
  • Statutární město Brno

    Our solution helps Brno with processing of incoming mail capturing and indexing documents with later storage in document system.

    Implemented solution: Kofax Express Servisní podpora SWAPit

  • DHL SK

    Capture system for accounting documents with connection to MS SharePoint.

    Implemented solution: Kofax Express Servisní podpora SWAPit

  • Dopravní podnik hlavního města Prahy

    Finance process automation including solution and document scanners for scanning allowing DPP to scan from remote sites into one single destination which is ECM solution from Documentum as a document repository for SAP.

    Implemented solution: Kofax Capture Kofax VRS Canon Servisní podpora SWAPit

  • Hamilton Data Services Ltd.

    Complete solution for Shared Service Center including document scanners and software. Daily throughput of 30 thousands pages per day.

    Implemented solution: Kofax Express Canon

  • Makro Cash & Carry ČR

    Delivery of document scanners and support services.

    Implemented solution: Fujitsu Kodak Servisní podpora OnSite

  • O2 Czech Republic

    Delivery and services around document scanners for the largest telecommunications operator enabling smooth operation of large back office processing site.

    Implemented solution: Fujitsu Servisní podpora OnSite

  • Magistrát Hlavního města Praha

    Mailroom automation including software and document scanners for daily batch scanning and distributed system allowing Prague to scan from more than 40 remote sites using MFP devices into one single destination.

    Implemented solution: Fujitsu Kofax Express CB AutoBites

  • Raiffeisen stavební spořitelna a.s.

    Document scanners and OnSite support services.

    Implemented solution: Fujitsu Servisní podpora OnSite

  • Slovnaft Česká republika

    Kofax Capture batch scanning of large number of documents using Kodak production scanners nGenuity.

    Implemented solution: Kofax Capture Kofax VRS Kodak

  • Státní pozemkový úřad

    Czech Republic state property agency. Our solution including document scanners and scanning capture software helps customer automating digital inputs over 80 remote sites all around Czech Republic.

    Implemented solution: Kofax Express

  • Státní tiskárna cenin

    State printing works of securities is a 100 years old company with long tradition. We're helping to process data used later for printing of personal citizen securities.

    Implemented solution: InoTec

  • UniCredit Leasing CZ, a. s

    Customer documents are securely scanned and archived due to our capture solutions and document scanners.

    Implemented solution: Kofax Capture Fujitsu Servisní podpora OnSite

Frequency asked questions

  • Are you using Kofax solutions, but you have an older version that is unmaintained and you would like to upgrade it?

    As the only Kofax Platinum partner for the whole Czech Republic and Slovakia, we always have the latest Kofax software versions as well as access to the historically older keys.

  • Do you have problems with solutions tailored by another vendor that has implemented the original version of Kofax solution?

    Cheer up, you‘re not the only one. Based on the scope and type of customization we will determine whether it is possible to fluently move to a newer version that already contains the functionality you need or we will design possibilities of correction.

  • I need immediate help of your technicians on site, what should I do?

    In this case, the best and the fastest way is to call our specialist Petr Melník. Together, you can analyse the situation and decide on the next steps. This may be direct visit to you or scheduling specific meeting date or material distribution etc.

  • What types of support you offer for document scanners?

    SWAPit - Extended warranty on equipment with NBD exchange guarantee for 3 - 6 years, detailed information here.
    OnSite – Comprehensive site support service including document scanner prophylaxis, detailed information here.
    AdHoc - SOS support in case of acute emergency crisis, the total cost is calculated from the hourly rate, traveling costs and material consumption.

  • What are the INFOMATIC’s partner conditions?

    Any request for partnership is approved individually. We care about who we work with! If you are interested in a hardware partnership, contact us at .

  • Are you not sure about compatibility of Kofax software with your internal systems?

    Kofax supports over 200 export and import connectors. Often integration include system Microsoft ®, Oracle ®, IBM ®. The system has open architecture and can therefore be connected to almost any internal system in your business e.g.. CRM, ERP, DMS etc

  • Would you like to hear about experience from our past customers who have already implemented the solution?

    You might be interested in the reference section, where specific case studies can be found. If you would like to know more, do not hesitate to contact us.