Gain efficiency and speed up your processes

Get processes and documents fully under control. Digital Transformation allows you to further develop your organization, thanks to saved time and costs.

Digital Transformation Solutions

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation in our concept means a solution that allows you to process and understand information, model and operate clearly defined processes, and effectively reduce costs with maximum use of human potential.

Paperless Office

Easily and comfortably convert all your documents into digital form. You will no longer have to carry bills or store documents. The Omni-Channel Strategy also does not limit you in the input format of a document or device.

Process Automation - Increase Your Productivity

Process management solutions enable organizations to deal with both routine and unpredictable work by automating business processes while increasing overall productivity. You will solve common complications and exceptions immediately during the process.

BPM Case Management
Dynamic Case Management
Process Mobility

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic process automation is the type of intelligent automation software that automates the repetitive manual data-intensive work. RPA not only mimics the actions of a user, but also contains sophisticated business logic to direct the interactions with a system, transform the data, and handle exceptions like notifying an employee when human intervention is required.

Back Office Automation
Desktop Automation
Data Integration and Migration

Process & Data Intelligence

The foundation of successful companies is to see into their processes understanding what they’re seeing and taking action based on that knowledge. Process and Data Intelligence tools make it easier to control and develop business processes and thus save business costs.

Business Intelligence
Process Intelligence
Data Quality
Big Data

Solution frameworks

Every rule that is manually processable by humans we can translate into digital transformations software platform. We have ready-made fragments and frameworks ready to be tuned for your specific needs. This reduces the total cost and time to implement new technologies.

Accounts Payable
Customer and Employee Onboarding
Transportation Tasks Automation
Claims Processing

Professional Services

Take advantage of our profound know-how and profit from the digitization of a company or institution, at any level. We will discuss your situation, we will analyze the needs, and based on agreed requirements we will propose the perfect solution that will be implement once agreed.

  • Consultation

    We will review process control architecture, business data analysis, document digitization, and hardware selection. We see the company as a set of processes that make up the whole, allowing us to choose the most appropriate development and solution options for each client.

  • Analysis

    Professional analysis and setting of specific goals means better understanding of business processes and future solutions. We analyze the solution based on it's scale by one-day workshop or with broad analysis mapping the overall state.

  • Architecture

    Our long-term experience and knowledge will be projected into the design of appropriate technology for a particular project. Thanks to detailed architecture, we will build hardware and software infrastructure, specify rules, processes, and resolve input data.

  • Implementation

    Our rule is to implement according to pre-approved and agreed steps in a specific timeframe described in BluePrint document in a transparent manner. Our experience provides seamless deployment solution deployment and a smooth transition to production usage.

  • Training

    We will give you the complete knowledge of the used system, which is the cornerstone of smooth operation. All employees and users will quickly experience the new solution, they will work comfortably, simply and will always know where to go.

  • Professional Support

    Thanks to complete and up-to-date certifications for the products we offer, we have full support from vendors and developers. We guarantee the rapid removal of any issues with the solution provided, or the scope of adjustments for new requirements.

Frequency asked questions

  • Are you using Kofax solutions, but you have an older version that is unmaintained and you would like to upgrade it?

    As the only Kofax Platinum partner for the whole Czech Republic and Slovakia, we always have the latest Kofax software versions as well as access to the historically older keys.

  • Do you have problems with solutions tailored by another vendor that has implemented the original version of Kofax solution?

    Cheer up, you‘re not the only one. Based on the scope and type of customization we will determine whether it is possible to fluently move to a newer version that already contains the functionality you need or we will design possibilities of correction.

  • Can I use the HelpDesk system even if I am not registered in the system?

    For submitting a request to the Helpdesk must have your own username and password. It helps us keep track of the requirements.

  • Is it possible to be both your hardware as well as software partner?

    Yes, this can happen, and we have such partners.

  • Are you thinking about choosing our solution, but you don’t know where or how to start?

    That‘s why we‘re here! All our personal and telephone consultation are for free. We will guide you and help you to identify our internal needs. Together we will select the suitable solution.

  • What are the basic questions you need to answer before entering first meeting with us?

    1. Am I sure what problem do I need to solve?
    2. Do I have complete information on all plans and activities that need to be taken into account at the beginning of the project?
    3. Do I have a clear idea of who will be in my company responsible for managing the project, who will be the sponsor of the project and who will implement the project within the internal IT infrastructure?
    4. Do I have an idea about the time and financial framework of the needed solution?

  • Are you not sure about compatibility of Kofax software with your internal systems?

    Kofax supports over 200 export and import connectors. Often integration include system Microsoft ®, Oracle ®, IBM ®. The system has open architecture and can therefore be connected to almost any internal system in your business e.g.. CRM, ERP, DMS etc

  • Would you like to hear about experience from our past customers who have already implemented the solution?

    You might be interested in the reference section, where specific case studies can be found. If you would like to know more, do not hesitate to contact us.