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We have been digitizing and automating for over 10 years

We are freeing organizations from their reliance on paper, automating processes, and deploying RPA robots. Together, we are learning to understand the data that appears in processes.
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We put all our eggs in one basket. On Kofax.

Vchod do budovy s nápisem Kofax
1999 – 2011
Decade at Kofax
The founders of the future Czech branch work directly for Kofax.
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The founding of INFOMATIC
Kofax puts trust in us and we are establishing a new partnership company.
Ikonka administrativní budovy
Large Document Processing projects
We successfully manage large projects in Generali and ČSOB. We are establishing long-term partnerships.
Ikonka administrativní budovy
Fujitsu scanners Distributor
Distribution of document scanners on Czech and Slovak markets.
Logo Kofax Platinum Partner
Kofax Platinum Partner
The highest recognition brings benefits to our clients - we are better trained and have access to the best tools and procedures for digital transformation.
Fotka Innovation Award, kterou Infomatic vyhrál
We are winning Innovation Awards
For company Globus we have designed a solution with 120 processes, 33 business rules and 70+ RPA robots to process over 30,000 operations daily.
Fotografie Tomáše Dolejše
I have been trusting Kofax for 20 years. Our deep knowledge of the technology thus gives us the opportunity to focus on the often neglected part in IT projects - helping people to change their long-established practices and embrace change. I care that the process is smooth and yields results.
Tomáš Dolejš, CEO

Wide Team of Experts

What expectations do you, your team, and leadership have? Our expert team will help you to find consensus across the entire organization including ROI defense.
Fotografie Tomáše Dolejše
Tomáš Dolejš
25+ yrs of Kofax experiense
Fotografie Davida Večeři
David Večeřa
20+ yrs Document Scanners experience
Sales Director
Fotografie Jakuba Kadeřábka
Jakub Kadeřábek
15+ yrs Kofax, OCR
Intelligent Document Processing Expert
Fotografie Pavla Vraje
Pavel Vraj
10+ yrs Kofax, BPM, DMS a IDP
Business Analyst & RPA Expert
Fotografie Jakuba Vodičky
Jakub Vodička
6+ yrs Kofax,
Digital Process Automation Expert
Fotografie Petra Mělníka
Petr Melník
13+ yrs Fujitsu, Canon, Inotec
Document Imaging Specialist

Clients who have succeeded in digitalization

Fotografie Radima Kláska, ředitele IT, Meopta
Before making the decision to digitize, our finance department planned to recruit additional staff to manage the year-on-year increase in invoice volumes. Thanks to Kofax, our existing team can now process over 40,000 invoices annually with ease - avoiding a 30% increase in costs for new resources.
Radim Klásek, CIO at Meopta
Fotografie Aleše Radoměřského, ICT ředitele, LeasePlan
The choice of INFOMATIC was finally decided by the proposed solution with the learning mechanism. We found it interesting that we can set up the processing of one type of invoice in the software and it will deduce the rules for processing another type of document itself.
Aleš Radoměřský, ICT Director, LeasePlan
Fotografie Radima Kláska, ředitele IT, Meopta
We focused on a solution that could grow with our automation ambitions, and the Kofax TotalAgility-based solution perfectly met this requirement.
Radim Klásek, CIO at Meopta
We are the only

Kofax Platinum Partner

for Czech Republic and Slovakia

One platform connects teams, processes and internal systems across the organisation.

  • used by 25 000+ companies worldwide
  • transforms information-intensive end-to-end business operations
  • streamlines processes, reduces manual work and errors, minimises costs and drives compliance
  • enables organisations to improve customer engagement and exploit new business opportunities
  • Integration with core systems, ERP, DMS, SharePoint, and other LoB systems
Infografika popisující, jak Kofax promění vaši digitální práci. Má tři části - Document Intelligence, Connected Systems a Process Orchestration. V Document Intelligence Kofax využívá Cognitive Capture a Artificial Intelligence. V Connected Systems využívá Ecosystem a Integrations. V Process Orchestration využívá Task Automation a Workflows.
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G2 2022 Best Software Award Winner – IT Management Products
Kofax TotalAgility is one of the best products out of thousands of other contenders

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Kofax Capture Selected as Leading OCR Product

It will turn out well with us