We've reduced mailroom costs with smart digitization

Digital mailroom

Transition of the Globus organization to intelligent automation of business processes led to significant improvements in operational efficiency.

42 mil.
Files migrated to new DMS with minimum error rate below 0.67%
30 000
Robotic operations on a daily basis
Integrations to internal systems SAP, SharePoint, EPOS, eDoCat and more

Outdated systems as a brake on growth

Globe was burdened with outdated systems that did not have the necessary support and had limited potential for further development. This limited the growth and improvement of processes.

Between problem areas belonged to:

  • Outdated systems: with minimal support, both updating and editing were difficult. They slowed down operations and prevented the introduction of new processes and systems to other departments.
  • Manual Processes: the preparation of documents for invoicing was time-consuming and inefficient.
  • Inconsistent data: with different data sources and fragmented internal systems, inconsistency of master data posed a significant problem.
  • Need for speed: the need for a more efficient system to accelerate data availability and increase overall operational efficiency.

To solve the problems, Globus took the road digital transformation.

The path to intelligent automation of business processes

We are the project phased-in into two stages: analysis and implementation.

Thorough analysis including three verification PoCs

We conducted a very deep analysis with an emphasis on understanding:

  • processes
  • data location
  • User Roles
  • Related types of documents
  • content and data structure in the old DMS
  • features of legacy tools and dependencies between systems

From the beginning, our approach was based on collaboration through Joint WorkshopsInvolvement of IT and business teams allowed us unify requirements and expectations. But also Detect potentiall of the new system i define gray areas and ambiguities in processes.

The lessons learned helped us. visualize a complex environment and were a guide for subsequent implementation. We have created a series of documents:

  • Description of the solution
  • functional design
  • technical specification

Concurrent project — transition to SAP ERP

We paid special attention to understanding and preparing for the transition to the new ERP.

The transition was planned during implementation, so processes had to be prepared for the original ERP as well as the newly introduced SAP. In Kofax TotalAgility was prepared simple hubwhere it was possible to easily switch to old, new, or both ERPs.


The challenge was to restore Globus' outdated software infrastructure and align it with a broader digital transformation strategy across departments.

It took place several rounds of testing, user training and active standby during pilot operations.

Before starting it was necessary migrate successfully all data from the old systems to the new DMS.

Seamless migration of 42 million files

We chose technology for migration Kofax RPA.

Characteristics of the migration process

  • Range: it was a major migration, requiring detailed planning and execution.
  • Complexity: the old DMS system didn't have an API, which complicated the whole migration.
  • Completeness: all documents had to be transferred due to strict company rules and previous shredding.
  • Hooking up: we handled the development, testing and execution of migration, including the finalization of live data.

Curiosities in numbers

  • speed: migration was rapid. An average of 84,433 papers per hour. It took only 9.5 days.
  • Error rate: a total of 42 million files with an error rate of less than 0.67% were migrated (97% being duplicates and 3% data errors).

“In similar migration projects, RPA has proven to be a great tool, because after the breakdown of the error rate, we see that it works. “

Pavel Vraj
Business Analyst & Consultant, INFOMATIC

Jedna Kofax platforma řídí 121 procesů, 74 robotů a propojuje 10+ systémů

Architektura inteligentní automatizace v Globusu se skládá ze dvou hlavních částí.

První část je určena pro zpracování dokumentů, zatímco druhá část je určena pro ukládání dokumentů (DMS). Procesy jsou v obou případech od začátku do konce kompletně řízeny platformou Kofax TotalAgility.
Pro kmenová data byl navržen princip centrální databáze.

Šest klíčových agend

  • DMS datové schránky
  • faktury nákladové
  • bankovní výpisy
  • faktury zbožové
  • faktury vydané
  • dodací listy

Existuje několik vstupních zdrojů pro příchozí dokumenty. Většina z nich začíná procesem Kofax TotalAgility, s výjimkou příchozích faktur z e-mailu (importovaných programem Kofax ReadSoft Collector) a papíru (skenovaných programem Kofax Express a zpracovávaných programem ReadSoft Invoices).

  • 121 procesů
  • 33 obchodních pravidel
  • 105 formulářů
  • průměrně 30 000 hlavních operací denně (ve špičce až 50 000)

Všechny robotizační procesy nasazené Kofax RPA jsou řízeny centrálními orchestračními procesy v rámci systému Kofax TotalAgility, kdy je robot vyžadován a jakýkoli problém s daty je pak hlášen zpět do procesu.

  • 74 robotických procesů
  • průměrně zpracují 14 000 operací denně (ve špičce až 35 000) 

Klíčovým důvodem, proč Kofax TotalAgility řídí všechny robotické procesy, je schopnost efektivního zpracování chyb. Pokud dojde k problému v RPA, je tento problém hlášen zpět do procesu Kofax TotalAgility, kde může být snadno vyřešen.

Systém DMS je na konci většiny procesů, kde se buď ukládá nebo aktualizuje dokument.

Kofax Intelligent Automation Platform — integrace na 10+ systémů v Globusu

Digitization strategy

When you need to digitize, but you don't know where to start.

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Successful first stage of transformation

Globus successfully got rid of the shackles of its legacy systems and now runs all processes within Kofax TotalAgility with the help of Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

The shift from manual, time-consuming tasks to automated processes has led to dramatic increase operational efficiency. For example, the billing of fines accelerated from 3 days to just 2.5 hours!

“Globus' digital transformation is a journey full of challenges. Seeing our outdated systems turn into state-of-the-art digital infrastructure is great. It's not just about upgrading systems, it's about fostering a culture of innovation. Now we're not just working faster -- we're working smarter. “

Michal Kadavy
Board Member, Globe

We won the Kofax Innovation Awards 2020 for the project

Maximum use of the platform for further departments

From the very beginning of the collaboration there was a vision complete digital transformation of the organization. In previous years, we successfully digitized the finance department. However, this does not end the project.

In 2023 There was a business analysis needs quality department and also legal department.

The speed of individual projects is increasing because no more need to implement other technologies. We will simply expand the use of the existing Kofax platform.

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