Maximize your organization's capacity with robots

Robotic process automation allows you to automate laborious, multi-step tasks across systems and data sources without the need for coding.
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Your team is overwhelmed with routine work. Unnecessarily

Despite technological advances, the organization when processing documents and data They still rely on manual labor.

Switching between internal systems

Which are often obsolete and unconnected. So employees have to spend time tiring by copying and pasting information between these systems (sometimes you have to log into them even several times a day). They therefore have much less time to devote to work that uses their skills. Tasks in vain consume a significant amount of time and energy, so they don't get that much in a day.

Collecting data from multiple sources

Such as websites, portals, vendor databases or content from PDF, Excel — manual rewriting generates typos, is slow and without audit trail. Mistakes cause confusion and make work more expensive.

Data Comparison and Validation

Data must obtain, process and transmit. Manually, it is challenging to complete the entire process in the same way each time so that the results are accurate and reliable.

Leave boring and repetitive tasks to robots. They'll be working on it 24/7

The advantages of RPA automation are based on a simple principle: let employees work on what they excel at -- and the tasks that hinder them, leave it to the robots.

Increase productivity across the organization

Robotic process automation is great for basic tasks that require repetitive activities — the work that is most tiring for your employees.

Examples of use:

  • processing of email attachments
  • copying and pasting data from one program to another
  • execution of calculations and important business calculations
  • transmittance files or data between internal systems
  • filling in static formswhich always have the same format
  • collection of data from the Internet (e.g. product prices or vendor data)

Reduce error rate and cost

Bots are predictable and always follow the rules. They reduce the error rate of automated processes to zero — they have 100% accuracy.

You will increase satisfaction

You help employees focus on higher-value work. Your subscribers and customers will have a response or handouts quickly and accurately.

Don't let your team waste time on routine tasks. Make their job easier

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We analyze

Through the introductory workshops we are looking for a We prioritize critical processesdigitization and automation of which will be of greatest benefit. We try create a match in the team and organization, what the project will bring.

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We will recommend

Technology solution on the Kofax platform to help meet your goals. collaboratively We defend the return on investment in front of the leadership. This includes a demo or pilot project.

We implement & train

We launch as quickly as possible the first version of the solution we are testing with users. Training helps to reconcile team cooperation.

Support & Development

Digital projects are transformative and don't end in startup — that's why it will be available to you and your team customer support. For larger projects, we help create Competency Team.

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“Kofax TotalAgility not only provides the capabilities we need to digitize our workflows, but also enables e.g. robotic process automation [RPA] — giving us a wide range of possibilities for the future. “
Radim Klásek, IT Director at Meopta

Not every task is ideal for RPA

Sometimes you need a more advanced automation platform -- and sometimes it's better to keep the human factor in the game.

Choose one of FREE workshopswhere we can help you:

  • understand the issue of software robotization
  • we defend the return on investment from management
  • we supply 3 months RPA free
  • and we will suggest the next steps.

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